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Hotels by Day: An Introduction to a Growing Trend

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Hotels by Day: An Introduction to a Growing Trend

When it comes to staying in hotels, the traditional model has long served guests well. Arrive at the hotel, check-in, and remain in the same room over the course of a night, or longer. Recently, however, there has been a growing trend of “hotels by day” – hotels that offer short-term accommodations for those staying for just a couple of hours.

For travellers looking for a quick and convenient way to rest, recharge, or freshen up, hotels by day provide the perfect solution. These hotel rooms can be rented by the day, hour, or even in some cases, by the minute. This opens up a range of lodging options for those travelling on tight schedules, or who need just a place to rest and relax for a few hours during a long trip.

This article will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of staying at a hotel by day, and will provide an overview of the growing trend in the hospitality industry.

The Benefits of Hotels by Day

Hotels by day offer travellers a number of advantages over traditional overnight stays. The most obvious is cost, as day rates for hotel rooms are typically much lower than the traditional nightly rate. Hotels by day also provide the convenience of short-term lodging, as well as the comfort of familiar surroundings when staying away from home. Other benefits include access to hotel amenities, such as restaurants, bars, and swimming pools, that are not always available to guests who only have access to the room.

For business travellers, hotels by day are a great way to break up a day of meetings, or to provide a comfortable place to rest and recharge in between meetings. It is also an ideal option for those travelling on tight budgets, who may not have the resources to rent a hotel room for an extended stay, or who don’t need a room for the entire night.

The Disadvantages of Hotels by Day

As with any lodging arrangement, hotels by day have some downsides. One disadvantage is that there is often less flexibility when it comes to booking a hotel by day, with check-in and check-out times predetermined by the hotel. Additionally, while day-rentals are usually cheaper than traditional rates, they may not come with some of the services or amenities that are included with an overnight stay, such as a continental breakfast, mini-bar, or room service.

Finally, most hotels by day are located in larger cities, meaning they may not be a convenient option for those travelling in rural or off-the-beaten-path areas.

The Growing Trend of Hotels by Day

While hotels by day have been around for some time, the trend has seen a marked increase in recent years. This is partially due to the growing demand from budget-conscious travellers, and partially due to the increasing number of hotel brands entering the market. Hotels by day offer an affordable way to travel, and yet still be able to enjoy the creature comforts that the hotel provides.

The rise of digital platforms, such as Airbnb and, is also driving the trend of hotels by day. These booking services make it easier for travellers to find and book day-rates, usually with no upfront commitment or long term commitment to a room.


For those looking for a quick and inexpensive place to stay, hotels by day offer an attractive option. With lower rates and the convenience and comfort of a hotel room, hotels by day provide a flexible short-term lodging solution for a wide variety of travellers. As the trend continues to gain traction, and more and more hotels enter the market, hotel by day may soon become the preferred option for short-term stays.

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